THE NOSE - When - Now?

The Nose - When - Now?

4 songs
12:21 minutes
***** **


Now that didn’t work out! The Nose from Vienna had initially planned to release a trilogy of EPs in 2013, but they only released the first instalment, titled Hot Loner. But let’s not be overly strict, as the second part When - Now? came already in very early 2014. We have to wait and see if the final EP will be released later this year.

Not that much has changed with The Nose. As a matter of fact, everything is still basically the same, all under the motto of “never change a winning team”. Even the cover artwork is very similar, true to the unifying concept of the planned trilogy. Main attraction of The Nose is still vocalist Ranita Rubia, whose live photos show that she doesn’t need that many clothes during live shows. But her voice is definitely also very interesting. She may not be the most technically skilled singer, but her performance definitely comes from deep within her guts. In that she is matched by the four musicians whose stylistic orientation is mostly rooted in the Nineties, with occasional nods to the Seventies, and without a trace of modernist thinking.

So the music is still very straightforward. The songs average three minutes and have a certain punk attitude, even though the music is very alternative rock sounding. The production is also lean and to the point, never interested in establishing a glossy hi-fi sound, but rather a faithful reproduction of a very live sound. I especially like the opener And, which combines the best of Pixiesque guitar rock with a nicely unforgettable chorus melody. But that doesn’t mean that the three other songs, simply titled What?!, Now and Banana, are less entertaining. Don’t expect anything sophisticated with The Nose. Their mission is clear-cut: create alternative indie songs with an occasional catchy pop flair, and showing the world that sometimes the most direct way is also the most rewarding one.

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