Nostradameus - Pathway

11 songs
44:05 minutes
***** *


Pathway is so far the fifth CD from Swedish power metal act Nostradameus and I have to confess that I haven't heard anything of them until now. Maybe it's because of their band name which is quite difficult to remember. The combination of Nostradamus and Amadeus is a nice pun, but nothing that will stick with you.

As is the case for lots of power metal albums, Pathway starts with a nearly ninety second long intro which is rather more boring than exciting. Wall Of Anger is the first real track on the album and it's a classic melodic power metal song with an impressive rhythm section showing some parallels to Rage. It's followed by two similar melodic uptempo songs reaching the same level. The vocals are clean but fierce enough and fit well to the music. Only the huge number of guitar solos is exaggerated. Even if those songs aren't bad at all, the album is suffering from a lack of variation. Only three songs don't fit into the now described pattern. MDCC a.d. is divided into two parts; the first one acoustic, the second one a step towards gothic metal with some unusual heavy growls. This is my personal favourite song on the album. The piano ballad Not Only Women Bleed isn't too bad, but displays at times overdramatic passages. The album ends with the hymn The Untouchables containing a hidden bonus track not worth listening to.

I have already been listening to a lot of power metal records which were far more annoying than Pathway. The five musicians from Gothenburg have some nice ideas concerning song writing, but nothing seems to develop enough. The album only has a single killer track which isn't enough for a full-length record. Which means that Falconer will stay my favourite power metal band from Sweden.

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