Novembers Fall - Mythaeon

3 songs
23:36 minutes
***** ***
Empirial Publishing


Mythaeon is the third CD by Novembers Fall, a quite diverse metal band from Germany. The four musicians have been very busy because this is already their second release for 2005. The CD may only contain three songs, but it has running time of nearly 24 minutes.

The eight minute opener Question Of Eternity, my favourite track on the EP, contains such various styles as death metal, black metal and even some folk elements. Although there are lots of brutal passages, it never loses its melancholic touch. Mostly, vocals and guitars are very melodic, but Novembers Fall don't forget the crude moments. It's a very unusual song, but also strangely attracting. Angst im Wald is with three minutes the album's shortest song. It's doubtlessly the album's most extreme song, perfect for black and death metal fans if they are not disturbed by the fact that the song ends in a more gothic direction. The album closes with the thirteen minutes long Coral Island. It may be divided into four parts: one and three are classic black metal, two is more symphonic and four is difficult to describe, so I suggest experimental.

I can't compare Mythaeon to the first two Novembers Fall outputs that I am not familiar with, but the four-piece has done good work on this album and they needn't hide behind established acts with a record deal. To get more information about the band, check their homepage to purchase or download their two 2005 releases.

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