NOYALTY - The Seas Have No Roads

Noyalty - The Seas Have No Roads

10 songs
22:37 minutes
***** ***


Noyalty are a quartet from the Dutch town Eindhoven and play a raw and dynamic mix of punk, metal and hardcore. After their self-released debut Between The Broken, they were signed by Funtime Records who put out its successor The Seas Have No Roads.

The album begins quite furiously with Monologue, showing instantly that the band’s forte lie in up-tempo structures. Next comes the quietly starting title track which soon becomes more hectic, featuring former Shai Hulud singer Geert van der Velde on guest vocals. Although most songs are played at a brisk pace, they still manage to sound melodic and are also flawless from a technical point of view. The band leaves no time for catching one’s breath, with the short length of their songs guaranteeing maximum entertainment. Suspenseful structures and the passionate attitude make sure that every song is a winner. Only the outro Acceptance doesn’t feel quite integrated.

There are many other bands with a similar take on music, but The Seas Have No Roads is tight enough to allow for repeated listening pleasure. The mix of technical maturity and unbridled joy of playing is optimal, making me guess that their live shows are probably even more intense than their studio recordings.

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