Nuclear Assault - Alive Again

12 songs
37:59 minutes
***** *****
Steamhammer / SPV


Reunions, reunions and more reunions! Just when you think that you get sick of it, you find a new Nuclear Assault live album in your mailbox, and start dreaming childhood memories. Nuclear Assault may have never been one of the really big metal bands, and people often referred to them as the band with the ex-Anthrax bass player, but in my opinion, the three first Nuclear Assault albums are among the best Eighties speed metal had to offer.

Where most bands of that time already then tried to shape their music in a way to make it compatible with an ever growing MTV audience, Nuclear Assault insisted on the right amount of speed, and their attitude which combined social awareness (something unthinkable in post-Nineties tough guy metal) and crude humour made them one of the more original bands of the time.

The live album starts out alright, with of course only songs from the early albums (Game Over, The Plague, Survive and Handle With Care), but only in the middle, they start digging out the songs that made them really great. Succeeding songs like Critical Mass, Sin, Betrayal and Radiation Sickness leave you with a feeling of awe. Their speed metal was always enhanced with Danny Lilker's very own style of bass playing, which made their music always recognisable, as well as John Connelly's high pitched vocals that never sounded effeminate. Humour won't come too short here as well, with Butt Fuck and Hang The Pope. Too bad only that the album is quite short for a live record, but therefore you get nearly 40 minutes of supreme speed metal from the Eighties. And Nuclear Assault are working already on new studio material, and as they emphasise their early period right now, this should become quite a feast. 10 points for this trip with the time machine.

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