The Oath - 4

10 songs
45:04 minutes
***** ***
Code 666 / SPV


It’s no secret that the French metal scene has been growing fast lately. The Oath from the French capital of football Lyon add to this by releasing their second album on a label. The album title makes sense once you consider that the metal quintet released two demos before.

After a short atmospheric intro, the band moves over to mostly very fast and melodic black metal. The production has a lot of power, taking the most out of the music. Despite many catchy moments, The Oath’s sound is not for the weak of heart, as there are lots of mean riffs and evil growls. Especially Lifeless Desire shows no mercy. The keyboards play a major role, which can best be testified on War with its many symphonic moments. Another highlight is the final Godless Existence which uses mood changes to create suspense.

Although I am very fond of the CD, the band can be criticised for not being overly original. Combine Cradle of Filth of Dimmu Borgir with an arbitrary melodic death metal band, and you get the general idea. The more rigid extreme metal fans might also feel disturbed by the heavy load of keyboards. If you feel like dismissing these two points, you can purchase The Oath’s new album 4 without hesitation.

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