OBLOMOV - Communitas (Deconstructing The Order)

Oblomov - Communitas (Deconstructing The Order)

15 songs
47:59 minutes
***** ****


Czech black metal band Oblomov was founded in 2000. After two EPs in 2001 and 2003, their debut longplayer Mighty Cosmic Dances followed in 2006. Three years later, it’s time for the successor Communitas (Deconstructing The Order). The band labels their style as black metal with cosmic and folk elements. As the CD contained fifteen tracks at a 48 minute running time, I was expecting some pretty fast thrashing.

I couldn’t have been any more wrong! The gloomy organ intro is followed by Masquerade, a quite old school sounding black metal track that manages to convince due to its simplicity. At the latest you should find yourself flabbergasted at the fifth track Ship Of Fools which features Björnar Nilsen of Vulture Industries as guest vocalist. After initial blasts, the song turns to drama and finds enough room for harmonies. From this point on, the unexpected will prevail. Wings Of The Silver Drake is quiet and incorporates touches of folk without giving any of its threatening atmosphere away. Romans 1580 is accompanied by bizarre fanfare sounds, and on 1206 we get subdued electronic instrumentation and monk chants. All of this and further trumps like mouth harp, psychedelia and much more can be found on Oblomov’s sophomore effort. I don’t want to and probably cannot reveal everything, but I am certain that every time you spend time with Communitas, you will discover something new between the classic black metal parts.

Oblomov have so far only released concept albums. Communitas deals with historical persons that played rather outsider roles. The fact that the most different aspects of world history have been treated should explain why the record has turned out so varied. Oblomov can be considered avant-garde, because their music deviates definitely from the norm. Kudos to this big venture that worked out splendidly for the band.

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