OBSCENITY - Cold Blooded Murder

Obscenity - Cold Blooded Murder

9 songs
33:36 minutes
***** ***


Obscenity are one of Germany's oldest death metal bands, and probably also one of the busiest. They have released already a couple (5, I think) CDs and some (3, I guess) demo tapes since their founding in 1989. April Fool's Day 2002 saw the release of their latest album Cold Blooded Murder, and it seems to me as if Obscenity have become more brutal in the past. Instead of playing the more melodic death metal I remembered the band with, you get this time some real old school speedy death metal blasts. Somehow though, this seems to be the sign of the times, more and more bands write shorter songs that seem to be more brutal than anything they did in the past... or is it just me listening to much to independent pop these days that death metal seems more aggressive to me?

I don't know, and truly don't care, because I enjoy the primeval violence you get out of these new death metal records. So where do Obscenity fit in with the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Vader. Hard to say, but I dare say that they are no worse than these bands. There are no songs on this album that are absolutely great, but the overall impression is a very solid one: a good half hour of extreme death metal aggression with good rhythm and lead guitar work and enough speed changes (lots of hyperblasting drums by the way) to make this a very good listening experience.

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