THE OCEAN - Aeolian

The Ocean - Aeolian

10 songs
52:57 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


How can an album be so good and still be disappointing? Well, after their previous album Fluxion, The Ocean, a collective from Berlin, simply redefined music by creating a hybrid somewhere between harsh metal, epic structures and orchestral post rock. Aeolian is the heavier companion piece to its predecessor and was recorded during the same sessions. The orchestral parts are only minimal on Aeolian, instead we get a full dose of ultraheavy metalcore as it is so fashionable these days.

To be fair, The Ocean are really great at this. They are as technical as Dillinger Escape Plan but dont have the commercial attitude. They are as uncompromising as Between The Buried And Me but still keep their own identity. So if this were an album from a newcomer band, I would declare them the new kings of metalcore, but from The Ocean I have come to expect something more symphonic.

The use of multiple of vocalists and guest vocalists (Coalesce, Converge, Breach) makes for diversity, and the technical abilities are only equalled by the likes of Meshuggah, although The Ocean keep, in accordance with their band name, a certain fluidity in their song writing. Its hard to pick out any highlights, because the relentless aggression makes it hard to pick out a favourite, so you have to listen to the entire album as one big piece of art.

If you come to The Ocean without ever having heard them before, you will be amazed at the sheer mastery of the metalcore genre, but those who saw Fluxion as a milestone should check Aeolian first out. Eight slightly sour points with the hope that the next album will be again less rock and therefore grander in musical scope.

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