Octavia - EP 2004

4 songs
19:39 minutes
***** ****


Octavia are a Norwegian all-female metal band, which is quite rare in a metal world dominated mostly by wanna-be alpha males. In the past many female bands put unfortunately more emphasis on image than on the music, which is why whenever you read something like female rock music, you are sceptical at first. No need to be like that with Octavia, as their new release not only improves on last year's EP Guilty, but even surpasses most of what the gothic genre has to offer.

The first thing you'll notice are Silje's charismatic vocals which draw parallels to The Gathering, but where the Gathering have been drifting more and more into spacy soundscapes, Octavia still have the pedal on the metal. The two guitarists Gyri and Bodil (and I just love these Scandinavian names!) add a lot of original texture to the sound, which can best be heard on The Future Is, a song that combines highspeed thrash parts together with atmospheric guitar harmonies. Best of all is the opener Lifelines Of Depths, which shows the considerable effort of maturity that went into these recordings. Provenance Of Hate shows a doomier, different aspect of Octavia, with the guitars sounding like on early Trouble albums. The EP ends with Life Is Wasted On The Living, also a sombre doom song.

Octavia have proven again that you don't need to have a high profile record deal to write and record great goth metal music, although it would help them to get their music distributed better. If there is a band that deserves more recognition, it would definitely be Octavia. Check out their homepage, listen to their music and buy their records.

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