OHM - Ohm

Ohm - Ohm

13 songs
54:03 minutes
***** *****


Chris Poland was one of the first metal guitar players who not only found his very own style (which admittedly many had back then), but who also dared to take the step to record an all-instrumental solo-album - Return To Metalopolis - as early as 1990. Now that this milestone has been re-released last year on Lion Records, people probably must have been hungry for more Poland stuff.

The name Ohm has been running around for a couple of years already, and it was known as Chris Poland's fusion band with which he played often dynamic live performances in the United States. We Europeans had to wait until 2003 until their debut album was finally released, but it was well worth it. Where his early solo music was still quite metallic, Ohm is a fusion band through and through, but probably you have never heard anything like this before: the ingredients may be typical, you get Poland's virtuosic guitar playing, accompanied by Robertino Pagliari's genial fretless bass guitar and David Eagle's complex drum patterns. It's as if three perfect musicians have found each other with the determination to reinvent fusion jazz rock. Instead of falling into stereotypes, this three-piece works to craft soundscapes that immerse you totally in a sonic dreamland where you don't want to wake up from anymore.

It's an instrumental album, but unlike many others, you never even wish for a vocalist to take over things. These three musicians are so at ease playing with each other that listening to their songs is pure pleasure. Take a bit of Seventies fusion, a bit of Eighties experimental King Crimson, plus the occasional hardrocking sounds of the Nineties, and you get Ohm for the new millennium. This is not a near perfect album, this is truly perfection as you won't come across too often these days. I love this album, and if you really want to listen to something soothing and agitating at the same time, I suggest you get this album right away. One of the best instrumental albums of all time. 10 points.

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