THE OLD WIND - Feast On Your Gone

The Old Wind - Feast On Your Gone

6 songs
34:46 minutes
***** ***


Tomas Liljedahl was, back in the Nineties, the vocalist for the seminal extreme metal band Breach from Northern Sweden. Later on in their history, the band became mellower with more frequent excursions into post rock territory, and then they split up. Ten years later Tomas Liljedahl wants to give it another go and founds The Old Wind for which he recruited the help of two further former Breach members, plus members of Vaka and The Ocean. The latter is represented by Robin Staps who is also running Pelagic Records, on which The Old Wind’s debut album Feast On Your Gone has just now been released.

Cursory listening will release instantly that The Old Wind has not much in common with the later Breach material. Instead the band opts for a cruder sound that combines the harshness of post metal with the sheer brutality of sludge. To make this happen, the band has three guitarists that never allow for holes to appear in the dense sound. The pace is measured, so don’t expect any high speed diversions. Instead the groundwork is laid down by the rhythm section, with the drums pounding heavily foundations, and the bass guitar is trembling menacingly along. The guitars, despite being more numerous than in your average rock or metal band, still never get in each other’s way and deliver a true feast of distorted anguish. The vocals are used quite sparingly, but seem to be even fuller of pain than back in the Nineties with Breach.

Feast On Your Gone may not achieve such claim as Breach’s albums did in their day, but in the end it does sound more contemporary and meaningful in the context of the time we currently live in. The Old Wind have managed to come up with an incredibly menacing piece of music whose only reproach may be that the six songs only make it to short thirty-five minutes. Two more songs would certainly have fleshed this out into an even more satisfying experience. Nonetheless Feast On Your Gone is a prime example of how modern sludgy post metal has to sound!

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