OMEGA MASSIF - Geisterstadt / Kalt

Omega Massif - Geisterstadt / Kalt

6 + 4 songs
44:01 + 45:23 minutes
***** **


With their new longplayer scheduled to be released later this year, Denovali Records decided to re-release the band’s previous album Geisterstadt, originally published in 2007 on the small independent label Yskalnari Records, and have thrown in for good measure as a bonus the German quartet’s self-released debut Kalt from 2005. My promotional copy only comes with the six songs from Geisterstadt, but that should be enough to give already a fair overview of what this band is doing.

Apart from the two minute short title track, we get long instrumental elaborations between six and ten minutes. The record starts with the eight and a half minute long In der Mine where we get instantly an overview of the band’s post rock meets doom core sound. Pelican and Isis might be two valid comparisons, but Omega Massif are able to do their own thing, sounding on the one hand less metal but on the other one infinitely more menacing. This modus operandi is perfected on the album’s longest cut Nebelwand where an accordion helps to create an even more doom impending atmosphere.

The CD’s second half continues in that very same vein, delivering sluggish songs that feel like a fist straight in your face, slow-motion style. Even while Omega Massif are smart enough to distance themselves from the post metal genre, their music doesn’t procure any new elements, although the combination of different dark music genres into something of their own is still very refreshing.

Geisterstadt can be downloaded free of charge on their label’s webpage, and the band furthermore offers three of the four even longer songs from Kalt as free downloads on their homepage, but fans of instrumental post rock with a taste of the dark are certainly better served by purchasing these one and a half hours of music for the price of a regular CD.

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