ONE DROP DOES IT - Your Rome Shall Burn

One Drop Does It - Your Rome Shall Burn

9 songs
42:10 minutes
***** **
Modern Noise


After a debut-EP in 2005, German emo band One Drop Does It finally release their first full-length-CD Your Rome Shall Burn. The opener Idols Or Enemies immediately pleases thanks to the well working mixture of emo and rock, combined with the right pop appeal. The album contains some more faster tracks like The Icon Phenomenon and Ginger, but you won't find brutal or screamo parts on this record. Yet One Drop Does It don't intend to limit themselves to one single style and show a calmer side behind their music. Shipwrecked and If This Is Your Way are only two examples that underline the variation in this young band's style. The music is not too complex, but apart from the kiddie punk track Dear Danny, One Drop Does It know already quite well how to write cool songs that are hard to compare to other bands.

Some singing passages (as on Orpheus/Eurydice) still seem a bit clumsy and the production isn't too fat, but Your Rome Shall Burn is nevertheless a promising start. One Drop Does It have chosen the right way and with a bit more practice and experience, there is probably a lot they can achieve in the future.

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