ONE FINE DAY - Faster Than The World

One Fine Day - Faster Than The World

13 songs
49:33 minutes


It seems that One Fine Day from Germany decided one fine day that Blink 182 were their favourite band and consequently they listened too many times to their records. While listening to their debut, you discover again and again parallels to the aforementioned band. An actual problem of the music business is that melodic emo bands are rising too fast and that the scene is beginning to copy itself. One Fine Day don't try to make the difference. Even if they pretend that their album contains so much pathos to make an irony of the emo scene, the joke doesn't succeed. The humorous parts are so well hidden that the difference between One Fine Day and  the other ones  is nearly inexistent. It's very rare that they dare to kick some ass or to rock as they should. The only few positive exceptions on the record are Stronghold and Sticks & Stone. But in general, the songs are too repetitive and the huge amount of optimism they are spreading around becomes very soon annoying. The song writing is already quite bad, but the sound production is even worse. The vocals are just too dominating and should be less upfront. The hugest deception is Uncrowned which rocks as much as an Aerosmith ballad. After this disappointing experience, I think that I'm too old for this kind of music and that it could only appeal to a non-critical MTV kiddie generation.

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