ONE WAY MIRROR - One Way Mirror

One Way Mirror - One Way Mirror

11 songs
47:59 minutes
Metal Blade


Were One Way Mirror founded to become the new supergroup of modern metal? Well known names whet your appetite: Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren and Mnemic vocalist Guillaume Bideau should mean something to every metal fan. The band is completed by two musicians playing in Lyzanxia and Scarve, two further contemporary metal bands.

The opener Destination Device is a good start into the album, coming across like a harder Linkin Park. The sound is very powerful, as it should be expected from such experienced artists. Some tracks, like As You Are Real and Liberation, flirt with industrial components without ever reaching the intensity of that movement’s forefathers Ministry. The band combines all kinds of fashionable metal sounds into their songs, and the combination of aggressive riffing and catchy choruses works good enough at first. Unfortunately the album becomes more predictable by the minute, and the initial excitement is soon over. One Way Mirror eventually run out of ideas, and you wonder if it wouldn’t have been more sensible to release only an EP. Their interesting take at Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s classic Relax is a rare highlight located towards the end of the CD.

Although there is nothing to complain about the band’s technical abilities, they still need to work hard on their songwriting if they want to survive on an ever more demanding market.

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