ON THE LAST DAY - Meaning In The Static

On The Last Day - Meaning In The Static

11 songs
46:29 minutes


On The Last Day are newcomers which immediately after their founding released a self-produced EP called Wars Like Whispers (August 2005). As they have been good friends of Aiden, it wasn't too difficult to get a deal on Victory Records.

What both band have in common is the heavy eyeliner usage, but there are however at least slight musical differences. Aiden, really not one of my favourite Victory bands, can be described as a melodic goth core band. On The Last Day however play melodic emo/screamo which they describe as post hardcore strongly inspired by AFI, Atreyu and early BoySetsFire. In general, the songs are played at a high pace and the songwriting isn't bad either if you don't consider the single exception So Here Is Us, On The Raggedy Edge which is too soft and shallow. Twelve CCs is a well chosen opener, Below One Hundred contains cool dramatic and theatrical passages, At The Breaking Of The World shows the band's groovy side and the clean title track is suitable for college stations. But without being too bad or suffering from a bad production, Meaning In The Static is never really able to get my full attention. The album suffers from a total lack of innovation. If I had heard it several years ago, I suppose that I really would have put it among my faves.

But nowadays, I can't understand why On The Last Day are not trying to get some distance from their idols that are already playing in higher leagues. If you have Atreyu or Taking Back Sunday in your record collection, I can't give a reasonable argument why you would still need to spend money on On The Last Day who often sound like a cover band of the more popular and attractive Victory acts.

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