OPEN THE SKIES - Conspiracies

Open The Skies - Conspiracies

14 songs
49:14 minutes
***** *


Open The Skies is a relatively young five-piece from the UK that has found its niche somewhere between metalcore, emo, screamo and post hardcore. Sounds rather common, doesn’t it? And it is! Even if their debut Conspiracies convinces from a technical point of view, they add little new when it comes to songwriting.

First of all, the CD has become much too long with its fourteen tracks spanning fifty minutes. More experienced bands manage to entertain me for such a long or even longer time, but Open The Skies rely too much on the same patterns, resulting in repetitiveness. Their songs build most of the time on aggressive hardcore or metalcore beats, with melodic choruses adding really nice melodies. And then sometimes we are in for some evil growls. Only the acoustic ballad Yours Faithfully dares to get out of line. Apart from that exception, the remaining tracks offer more or less the same.

Too bad, as the band members are really proficient on their instruments. The drums provide a lot of power, thus preventing the songs from becoming too tame. The guitars are even more impressive, especially when they play sometimes unconventionally complex riffs. With all that talent involved, it is a shame that the songwriting is after all rather conformist and ready made for the American market. Open The Skies need to take more risks in the future to set themselves positively apart from the competition.

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