OPHIBRE - An Apple Tree / Puzzle Pieces

Ophibre - An Apple Tree

1 song
35:18 minutes

Ophibre - Puzzle Pieces

2 songs
21:53 minutes


Take a bunch of effect machines, add a few microphones, put the amplifier close enough to get feedback, and finish the menu with one weird man using all that equipment. Ophibre is the kind of music you may enjoy when you’re there when it’s recorded, but taken out of context on a CD, it just doesn’t work anymore. It’s has the feeling of a field recording, but the moods are grating and jarring, making your journey a true ordeal.

Both discs have the same approach of combining repetition with unbearable noises, with random moments being looped in the hope of creating some form of hypnotism. I have to confess: it doesn’t work for me. The few interesting moments drown too much in noise. Diehard experimentalists who are into electronic background noise can still check this out, but I remain with one point, not for the music, but for the original packaging.

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