OPUS SYMBIOSIS - Opus Symbiosis

Opus Symbiosis - Opus Symbiosis

6 songs
36:56 minutes
***** ****


Beginning back in 2003, it took Finnish quintet Opus Symbiosis six years before they finally released without the help of a record company their self-titled debut album. The colourful cover artwork promises already out of the ordinary, and the six songs, ranging from five to eight minutes, don’t disappoint.

Opus Symbiosis play progressive rock, a label which is used so often these years by bands actually only copying the style of artists preceding them in time, which too often ends in a regressive rather than progressive mindset. Fortunately these Finns don’t make that mistake, as can be heard right from the start on the opener Solar Clouds which doesn’t lose any time getting to the point. The four musicians are incredibly adept at their instruments, building the perfect soundtrack for the incredible voice of Christine Sten who is easily able to deliver a unique performance.

It’s not easy to describe the band’s sound. This certainly makes life hard for the reviewer, but eventually he’s also grateful for the challenge. Opus Symbiosis magically manage to brew up a magic potions consisting of early Seventies prog rock patterns and intelligent present-day indie rock structures. The crisp production furthermore enhances the emerging sound and belies the probably tight budget on which this record was recorded.

Rocking guitars are interweaved with jazzy playfulness, psychedelic excursions, melancholic excursions, with the celestial voice of Ms Sten firmly cementing the music’s original touch. There are few bands that have such a courageous understanding of contemporary progressive rock. They neither rehash old recipes nor sink in insipid dreariness, but entertain throughout with exciting songs. Not unlike latter day Sieges Even with female vocals, Opus Symbiosis are one the rare exceptions whose progressive rock still deserves its name. The only moment of disappointment happens consequently after thirty-seven minutes, when the record ends much too soon. Let’s hope there will soon come a follow-up.

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