ORIGIN - Echoes Of Decimation

Origin - Echoes Of Decimation

9 songs
26:31 minutes
***** ***
Relapse / Suburban


Relapse have been specialising in demanding extreme metal sounds lately, so it doesn't come as a surprise that Origin do exactly that on their latest album. Combining the speed of grind core with the excessive brutality of East Coast death metal, Origin are much harder than your average prog metalcore band. In some ways, that's an advantage for them, as it sets them apart from the competition, especially because Origin are better at playing as fast and as technical as (in?)humanly possible at the same time, than at coming up with something that wants to stick in your mind. Not most death metal bands are not really that inspired when it comes to write hit singles (and fortunately for these bands this was never asked of them actually), but once you start comparing Origin to their much wittier label mates Cephalic Carnage or to the untoppable pioneers Napalm Death, you'll start noticing the lack of variety.

Yes, this is technically amazing music, and Echoes Of Decimation is an album you can choose to headband to or to listen to concentratedly, both ways work, but alas it is also a bit on the short side (with only nine not too long songs), making you wonder if two or three more experimental or out of the norm tracks might have lessened the brutal impact, but heightened the listener's pleasure. As it is, this is "only" a good album fans of complicated thrash will certainly love, but those new in the genre with probably have to start somewhere else.

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