THE OTHER - New Blood

The Other - New Blood

14 songs
47:44 minutes
***** *


The Other are a horror punk band from Germany that was founded in 2002. Before that, most members were in a Misfits cover band, which can still be heard in their current incarnation. The band has been quite active ever since, as next to countless live shows, New Blood is already their fourth studio recording.

As much as the Misfits parallel fits (just listen to the vocals!), The Other can no longer be labelled a pure horror punk band, as the metal component has become quite strong. Actually they remind me of the two German bands Red Aim and Powerwolf. The Other play rather fast heavy metal, where especially the somewhat high and melancholic vocals and the undeniable hymn factor attract attention. The Burial is only two minutes long, but thanks do its juicy speed metal touch, it comes well along. This is one of the best tracks on the album, unlike the tired sounding The Lovesick Mind and Talk To The Dead that remind me of The Sisters Of Mercy and should be more suitable for gothic fans. Even though there is not a truly bad piece on New Blood (Castle Rock being the unfortunate exception), The Other can still be blamed of sounding too repetitive after a certain time. Metalheads that crave spooky music are better served with King Diamond before they should resort to The Other.

New Blood has turned out to be an album beyond good and evil. It is too strong to be ripped apart, but not spectacular enough to deserve distinction. All in all the band risk of drifting into oblivion if they don’t opt for one direction in the future. Either they should play classic horror punk, or add some stead and come up with real intense metal.

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