OUTSMARTED - The Amoral Ranger

Outsmarted - The Amoral Ranger

13 songs
40:39 minutes
***** **


Founded in 2003, Outsmarted from Linz in Austria started as a skate punk band, but soon decided to add more punch to their music, so that by the time their debut EP The Panic Theory came out in 2007, the quintet had found its identity in the melodic hardcore style. The Amoral Ranger is Outsmarted’s debut longplayer and contains twelve new tracks plus a re-recorded version of Vampires which was already featured on the EP.

We can agree with a clear conscience that it wouldn’t make sense to unleash another fashionable hardcore band to the band. Fortunately the many years of experience have taught the Austrians to enrich their music with a healthy dose of rock’n’roll fervour. This explosive mix makes for concise songs that never run longer than four minutes, concentrating their energy in fast paced rocking hardcore songs. The vocalist has a pleasantly abrasive voice that is countered by the many scream-along parts, highlighting the schizophrenic nature of their music.

Outsmarted have certainly not reinvented hardcore, but their inspiring take on melodic hardcore sets them apart from the hordes of embarrassing newcomers that try to cash in on a currently hip movement. I am also grateful that my promotional copy didn’t come with any lyrics, because the song titles (Lamer Than Lame, No Stranger To Danger, Sex Degrees, Antirocker,…) seem to come from a band that is not yet overly proficient in the English languages. But in the end, it’s the music that counts, and no one can blame Outsmarted for having delivered a half-baked affair. The Amoral Ranger has enough potential to open doors to the world outside their native country.

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