OVERSIZED - Are You One Of Them?

Oversized - Are You One Of Them?

11 songs
38:10 minutes
***** ****


The Belgian pop punk scene is currently introducing a lotsof great bands like Five Days Off, Six Toys, Flat Cat and especially Oversized who give the music a more emotional touch. The opener of Oversized's second CD Are You One Of Them? is a song with the right balance between rock and melody, making you eager to listen to the rest of the album. The next song Brain In A Bottle is a mixture of Rancid and Blink 182, representing the so called American college radio sound. Everybody Happy Body is a more relaxed song reminding me of Weezer. These examples show more or less Oversized's general direction. The album contains 11 great catchy pop punk tunes with the necessary rock drive. They surely will appeal to fans of the aforementioned dbands. The harmonic and even sometimes sweet vocals are another bonus of already excellent songs. Really, why should we listen to The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand when there are even better bands of that genre in our Benelux partner country? Oversized have done another improvement since their very good debut Happy Inbetween Or Sad and don't have anymore to hide behind their mostly American inspirations.

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