P:407 - Themes For The Coming Apokalypse

P:407 - Themes For The Coming Apokalypse

3 songs
30:26 minutes
***** **
ConSouling Sounds


Some bands don’t like it easy. Take for instance Belgian duo P:407 who start out already with a weird band name. After two demos in 2003 and 2005, they are now back with a half hour EP which is limited to only 100 copies. The opener The Face Of End requires already half of the record’s running time, and after a slow start turns into an impeccable post metal track which reminds of bands like Isis, Pelican, etc. Take big walls of heavy guitars, a depressive atmosphere, no vocals, and the journey into the depths of the mind can begin. Now just don’t expect to get more of the same. And Death Shall Have No Dominion is their shortest track, only seven minutes long, but also more accessible. This is the only time you get vocals, they may be shaky but feel authentic all over. The music combines stoner and doom rock, puts it into a low tuned metal outfit, and actually works perfectly as an original sad metal track. The final ten minutes belong to Prophecy, a tranquil post rock excursion that you certainly would not have expected to end this CD, and frankly, as nice as it is, you feel a bit cheated as you could have taken one or two further rocking tracks.

I rarely hear bands that lack continuity as much as P:407 do. Everything they do works well enough, but eventually Themes For The Coming Apokalypse sounds more like a compilation featuring three different bands than a coherent entity. If the Belgians are able to work on that, to come back with something that sounds more homogenous, they will certainly reach a wider audience the next time. Their intelligent and demanding music definitely deserves it.

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