PAGAN'S MIND - Celestial Entrance

Pagan's Mind - Celestial Entrance

12 songs
71:44 minutes
***** ****


Lately, a lot of metal bands carry the sticker of progressive music because since the advent of Dream Theater, this genre is selling again. That's why very often many so-called prog bands are nothing more than melodic metal bands with longer songs. But every so often, there's the odd band that sounds genuinely progressive, and writes memorable songs that you have the CD playing all day long without even thinking of listening to something else.

I'm talking about Norway's Pagan's Mind. The band name makes you wonder already the worst, but this band actually rocks in a very positive sense. Their label says they are the rightful heirs to the throne left by Norwegians classic metal bands like TNT and Conception, but there is actually much more in Pagan's Mind music.

The songs are most of the time a symbiosis of power metal, melodic metal and progressive rock. Especially the guitar sound at times very un-metal-like, which I consider a big bonus, as the groovier sound help Pagan's Mind find a place of their own. Of course, at times, this may sound a bit like Dream Theater, but Pagan's Mind are not trying to sound too obviously progressive. Rather the combination of the aforementioned styles plus the very complex but always accessible rhythms make this an album that every prog fan should have in his or her collection.

The best place to understand that these guys are first of all songwriters, and only in second place technicians is the two-part twelve-minute instrumental epic Back To The Magic Of Childhood, which is one of the rare non-vocal pieces that also non-instrument-playing people can enjoy. Other songs that deserve to be checked out are Through Osiris' Eyes and Aegean Shores which both display the qualities of the band. As most of the songs average six minutes, you will have to make your way through 70plus minutes of music, but you won't regret a single one of them.

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