PAGAN'S MIND - Infinity Divine

Pagan's Mind - Infinity Divine

12 songs
68:05 minutes
***** ***


In 2003, Pagan's Mind released their second CD Celestial Entrance and their progressive metal received a great review on this site. The reason was that Pagan's Mind (although the name lets you guess that it may be a gothic or black metal band) are more than your generic prog band trying to clone Dream Theater. There were many other elements in their music like classic power metal, lots of more melodic metal parts and even a slight touch of thrash metal. If I really have to find a comparison, early Nineties Fates Warning would come to my mind.

After lots of positive resonance, the band's German label Limb Music decided to re-release the debut Infinite Divine from 2001 because it was difficult to get by. The new version is of course not a one-to-one copy of the original. The songs were re-recorded and take advantage from a better production. Singer Nils K. Rue, who's also the front man of Eidolon, has a very strong voice very close to Ray Alder's. Of course the song writing isn't as convincing as on the 2003 output. Especially the calmer Dawning Of The Nemesis with terrible computer created flute effects sucks. When you skip it, you immediately come to the very prog metal like King's Quest, one of my favourite tracks which may be said too about Embracing Fear. Finally, there are two new songs as bonus tracks on the album. One is a nearly 10 minutes long version of King Diamonds's At The Graves. Well done, even the voices fit. Everyone who liked the second Pagan's Mind album and didn't have the debut shouldn't wait too long and purchase this one because of the extras and the better sound.

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