PALEHORSE - Amongst The Flock

Palehorse - Amongst The Flock

11 songs
25:59 minutes
***** **
Bridge Nine


Palehorse from Connecticut are playing hardcore with a strong metal touch, but their music can't be described as metal core. Their approach is much more old school and reminding a lot of the metallic hardcore acts from the mid-Nineties (Earth Crisis, Integrity, Strife).

Their second album Amongst The Flock starts with a not too much inspiring short instrumental before you get a real kick into your face with the ultra-fast title track inviting to mosh. The whole CD can be compared to a boxing fight going over eleven rounds. The album keeps a constantly brutal level, the song structures are fast and simple, maybe even sometimes primitive, making you wonder how long it will take before you are blown away. Luckily the album doesn't last too long and you survive without greater injury.

Palehorse have taken much inspiration from the aforementioned idols and the album doesn't contain a single knock out. Especially Witch Hunt really rocks as it's sounding like a hardcore version of Motörhead. But generally, the songwriting could be more diverse and even after repeated listening, there's not a single track staying in your mind. I suppose that Palehorse have live more power than on this CD, but die-hard fans of bands like Ringworm, Death Before Dishonor and Champion will certainly find their pleasure in this record which contains nine new songs and new versions from two tracks taken from older seven inches.

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