PANCHRYSIA - Deathcult Salvation

Panchrysia - Deathcult Salvation

10 songs
46:45 minutes
***** ***
Dark Essence


Get ready for some really raw music from our Belgian neighbours. I am not familiar with their past, but Panchrysia’s third album is not bad at all. Furthermore they released two demo CDs, a split-CD with their compatriots Iconoclast, but according to the info sheet, Deathcult Salvation is supposedly the band’s darkest work so far.

Although Panchrysia don’t play the most original kind of black metal, they are smart enough and make it hard to come up with comparisons. Especially the first and last thirds of the album are pleasantly unpolished. The production is not perfect, the rough vocals lie somewhere between singing and speaking, the guitars are distorted and chaotic, a little like Celtic Frost in their early days, yet Panchrysia have a more thrash flair than the Swiss pioneers. The middle part of the CD is more rock’n’roll, making those songs more accessible even if they still lack catchiness. Nine tracks out of ten see the band aggressive, a little in the vein of Marduk.

One song is totally different and the undisputable highlight of the album. Fogbound is an atmospheric mid tempo rocker where the band is joined by Bint vocalist Leen De Haes. Her charming voice gives this track a special charm. It would have been nice if Panchrysia had dared to explore this direction further.

Deathcult Salvation has become a raw, dark and diverse album. Not every song is a hit, and it will not be easy to stand out in the jungle of extreme metal bands, but those who enjoy the more unpolished kinds of music should definitely check this band out.

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