Parachutes - Vultures

10 songs
43:14 minutes
***** **


After their debut from 2006, Saarland screamo band Parachutes are back with their second album Vultures and sounding absolutely fit for the American market.

The opener Fists Up And Boots Off Motherfuckers is a trendy piece, which oscillates smartly between hardcore and emo rock. The following Flatlines is more metallic, but a sugar-coated makes up for the violence. From here on, the album veers into a more commercial direction. March Of The Machines is airplay compatible emo rock. The subsequent title track takes this even further, making me wonder if it hasn’t become a little too nice for its own good.

Even though the Parachutes rely on well known patterns, they have managed to circumvent monotony. The emo factor plays without a doubt the biggest role, but there’s also plenty of rocking moments (Flatlines, Buckle Your Belt), and quiet parts are provided by the first half of The Spell and Neverender that give the CD a mellow finish.

The Parachutes aim at a young audience that feels at home with contemporary bands like Silverstein, Underoath and From Autumn To Ashes. Their songs are far from bad, but they cling too closely to their influences, preventing to create an own identity and running the risk of being forgotten all too soon. As Vultures is already quite an improvement to their debut, we can only hope that the future sees them taking another step forward.

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