PARADISE LOST - Symbol Of Life

Paradise Lost - Symbol Of Life

11 songs
41:44 minutes
***** *


It's quite rare that a band is so often changing their style as Paradise Lost do. They started on their debut as a death metal band, than gave a totally new sense to the expression 'gothic'. Starting their third album, they always put more and more pop elements into their music which has nowadays only a bit to do with metal. Their eighth CD Symbol Of Life again goes more or less into that direction. Even if it's harder than Host, I can't imagine that they will win back the metal fans they lost many years ago. The guitars aren't dominating the CD, Paradise Lost prefer keyboards and violins. The CD still contains some harder tracks like the opener Isolate or the closer Channel For The Pain, but most parts on the CD may be described as gothic rock. The gothic rock songs are not all bad, but they just show a lack of diversification. I like the single Erased, it's a melodic song with great female backing vocals which come back on several other songs.

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