PARAGON - Forgotten Prophecies

Paragon - Forgotten Prophecies

11 songs
51:43 minutes
***** ***


Some bands think it’s fashionable to emulate the sound of European heavy metal from the Eighties. Other bands just started doing this when it was happening, and haven’t changed a thing since then. Paragon, a German metal band, was founded in 1990, and Forgotten Prophecies is already their eighth album, proving that they have the necessary stamina to survive in the rock’n’roll jungle.

Forgotten Prophecies is the product of artists that are hopelessly stuck in the mid- to late-Eighties, but in the case of Paragon, I really don’t mind, because it sounds more sincere than all those legions of copycats taken together. Setting their sound somewhere between Judas Priest and Accept, Paragon still never make the mistake of becoming too rigid in their musical approach. Most songs are straight old-school heavy metal tracks with a slight nod to speed and thrash metal which started rising to fame back then. The seven and a half minute long semi-ballad Agony offers everything from slow beginnings to epic middle parts and faster thrash moments, reminding of Metallica and Metal Church, although OverKill must have been quite an influence too, as the album ends with an excellently rendered version of their classic Deny The Cross.

Forgotten Prophecies is a timeless metal album that seamlessly joins heavy metal with the timid beginnings of speed and thrash metal, all done at times in a very Teutonic way, but so what?, weren’t we listening back then to bands like Running Wild, Grave Digger, etc., and thought that was mighty cool? Forgotten Prophecies is like time travelling and should appeal to younger true metal kids as well as to old-timers who grew up with the originals.

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