Paris In Flames - A Tribute To

8 songs
35:08 minutes
***** ****
I.C. Recordings


After my last visit to the French capital and its friendly inhabitants, I think that this was a well chosen band name. The German five-piece was founded in 2002 and A Tribute To is their first recording. It's very respectable how they succeed to cover the many facets of hardcore and emo. Although they have been influenced heavily by new school hardcore bands like Snapcase or BoySetsFire, the song writing is already quite well developed. Especially the harmonic melodies and the clear vocal lines make each song worth being listened to. Even if there are some pop elements as found on Reason and Broken Glass, you shouldn't expect Paris In Flames to be a sweet and nice melodic band. When Angels Fall and Redemption are the proof that these newcomers can also be very aggressive. The song writing is so varied that fans of hardcore, emocore and even metalcore will find something for themselves. Another positive aspect is of course the very fat production which gives the songs even more power. So far, Waterdown had been my favourite German core band, but it seems that they have been dethroned by Paris In Flames.

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