PATH OF RESISTANCE - Can't Stop The Truth

Path Of Resistance - Can't Stop The Truth

13 songs
30:44 minutes


Ten years ago, Earth Crisis had a terrible accident which caused some of their members to be unable to play for a long time. Like any good fundamentalist, Earth Crisis had to go on preaching and therefore released an album under the band name Path Of Resistance. Their hurt members healed, Earth Crisis continued, disbanded, and Karl Buechner founded Freya, and now all of a sudden, ten years later, we have to listen through a new Path Of Resistance album. When I first listened to POR, I didn't know that they were formed by Earth Crisis members, and therefore just thought "what a bunch of weirdos", painting big black X'es on their hands and playing old school straight edge music rooted somewhere in the early Nineties. Nothing to get excited about. Now of course I understand that this retro approach is absolutely intended, and it creates a smile on my face, but then I wonder if there are not subtler ways to bring the good message to the kids. Yes, the music is ok if a bit unoriginal, and the dual vocals have the energy you expect from those involved, but the lyrics have such an missionary impact that it's no big surprise that some members thank God in the credits. Fundamentalists seem to join forces here. Everything is totally preachy, the photographs in the booklet always, and I mean always, show some straight edge kid who painted an X on his hand, ignorant that the black biro will cause skin cancer before I even will think of future liver problems. Can't Stop The Truth is a self-righteous piece of zealous propaganda that no person sane in their mind should take seriously, and the four points I give in my charitable spirit of Christianity are only for the ok music and the good vocals.

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