PATHOS - Katharsis

Pathos - Katharsis

12 songs
64:02 minutes
***** ****


Katharsis is the third CD by Pathos, an astonishingly great metal band from Sweden. Even if reviewers often try to categorise a band, this may become a very difficult task in this case. I could try metal crossover, but this has nothing to do with bands like Such a Surge. Very different metal styles like thrash, doom, power, progressive and traditional get mixed up to a fascinating sound. Katharsis is a dynamic and powerful sounding album, free from any weak points. Although I can't compare Pathos to any other band, they are however sounding somehow Swedish [maybe because they are from Sweden?; ed.]. One reason may be the new singer Paul Schöning, a newcomer who has inspired himself quite a lot while listening to former Candlemass singer Messiah and who's able to give the songs an epic touch. Without considering the different genres you can find on this CD, the whole album must be regarded as a strong metal piece which should be taken seriously.

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