PEACOCKS - Gimme More (The Best Of The Rest & Leftovers)

Peacocks - Gimme More (The Best Of The Rest & Leftovers)

7 songs
14:47 minutes
***** **
People Like You


It hasn’t even been a year since the Swiss rockabilly trio Peacocks released their last album Touch And Go, and now they are already back with an EP containing previously unreleased material. Sounds a bit like getting out the trash, but the seven tracks that are not even a quarter hour long manage to keep the same high level of their last full-length CD.

The Peacocks play authentic rockabilly as it was already popular half a century ago. The cover artwork with stand-up bass, aluminium guitar and sparse drum kit reveals already what to expect. It doesn’t sound bad, but alas also not original. It is laudable though how the Peacocks aim for variety. They switch expertly between fast and slow pieces, only the final I Am Not Gonna Tell You is a little repetitive and lowers the overall grade. The country song I’d Rather Be Alone is, on the other hand, one of their finest tracks so far.

I only wonder who is the target audience of this CD. Diehard Peacock fans will certainly need it, but those who want to get a more comprehensive view at the Swiss band is better served with last year’s album.

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