PEACOCKS - Touch And Go

Peacocks - Touch And Go

16 songs
38:26 minutes
***** **
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The Peacocks from Zurich, Switzerland are a rockabilly band that has been founded about fifteen years ago. Their new album Touch And Go isn’t different from their previous works which explains why this genre normally attracts a rather conservative audience that regrets the passing of the Fifties and Sixties. Expect a combination of retro rockabilly with elements of punk, country and rock’n’roll, which seems already quite progressive for a rockabilly band. But when The Meteors have the right to sound the same on each record, why shouldn’t this be accorded to The Peacocks, too?

The Peacocks are nevertheless trying to bring a lot of variation into their new album. The three members are playing guitar, drums and upright bass. The opener Sex And Drugs And Rocks Through Your Window is a classic rock’n’roll song. Work With You seems to be inspired by the Stray Cats. Gimme More is a faster song with a pop attitude that can appeal to Ramones and Ärzte fans. Zurich Is A Cocaine Town and Don’t Know Too Much About It are quite close to The Meteors. I Don’t Care surprises with a relax country attitude. My favourite track however is That Will Never Do which uses a riff strongly copied from Ace Of Spades. The album’s last track, Next Room Sleeping, is such a mellow tune full of emotions that it could be used to end an Eis am Stiel movie.

Rockabilly fans should adore the Peacocks’ take on their genre, but if I feel a retro nerve aching in my body, I will probably heal it with Social Distortion, Misfits or Ramones.

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