PECHSAFTHA - Dick in Frisco

Pechsaftha - Dick in Frisco

11 songs
40:17 minutes


They don’t rehearse, they never play live. Pechsaftha are an experimental band that seems to be currently the hype in Germany, and I can only wonder why. Made up by members of Grafzahl, EA80 and Klotzs, they play very shaky post punk inspired a lot by the stream of consciousness techniques of Mark E. Smith. What was delectable and utterly original with The Fall just feels like a German rip-off by musicians that try very hard to be very bad on this album. I like Grafzahl, I love some of EA80’s music, and I don’t know the Klotzs, but I feel deeply irritated by Dick in Frisco. Atonal guitar, arrhythmic drums, screeching keyboards and vocals that have an aura of self-inflicted importance make this sound like some students trying to be smarter than everybody else, except that these guys are probably already a lot older.

Germans can do this kind of avant-garde post punk, just think of Die Goldenen Zitronen when they were no longer punk: excellent! But Pechsaftha is pretentious pseudo-art, like turds wrapped in golden aluminium-foil, but still turds nonetheless. At least this is this year’s album I have come to hate the most so far, not a bad accomplishment in itself. Fortunately the torture ends after half an hour, with ten minutes of nothingness trying to get this album to full length running time, which is yet another aspect of how Pechsaftha are making fun of their audiences. And considering the low quality of this work, the cover artwork, stolen by a Sonic Youth classic, just adds insult to injury. I’d rather throw my money out of the window than ever even spend one Euro on Pechsaftha.

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