PERLAINE - A Journey Into The Inside Of Things Just Known From The Outside

Perlaine - A Journey Into The Inside Of Things Just Known From The Outside

13 songs
54:51 minutes
***** ****
Finest Noise


On the one hand, German rock band Perlaine could not have found a more complicated title for their debut album. The music on the other hand comes across a lot catchier. Although the band has been around already for quite some time, they took their time for this first record. They can be satisfied with the result as they make it through the entire album without ever stumbling.

Rooted in the independent rock of the Nineties, Perlaine remind me on their opener Aurelis of the two underrated bands King’s X and Galactic Cowboys who also featured harmonic choir vocals. Perlaine play wonderfully uncomplicated rock that never sounds too mellow but also avoids any grating edges. At times the band acts dreamy, as on Cliffs At Dover, at other times the songs have more drive, as can be heard on Something That Went Wrong. The band’s distinct strength are the vocals, with Ferdinando Reinl’s voice sounding like Doug Pinnick’s. The multilayered choruses sound absolutely professional too. Butterfly Effect is a dynamic alternative rock track with huge hit potential. The following Invisible Audience is typical German noise rock with parallels to bands from the Nineties like Sharon Stoned and Blackmail. Only 19:75 need too long to find its momentum and consequently sounds too minimalist. The concluding Simple Things makes up for that tiny lapse with its strange sound and bizarre structures.

Perlaine are undeniably a very interesting new band from Germany. Despite not offering anything substantially new, they still manage to refreshingly let their guitars screech in a way to win the hearts of nostalgic rock fans from the two last decades.

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