PERVERT ASSHOLE - Welcome To My Zombie Cathouse

Pervert Asshole - Welcome To My Zombie Cathouse

69 songs
54:47 minutes
***** ***


Pervert Asshole are five musicians from Paris who are a credit to their name on their debut Welcome To My Zombie Cathouse. They don’t hide the fact that all their lyrics deal with sex and decadence, which is also obvious from one fleeting glance at their song titles. It’s therefore no surprise that the CD comes with 69 tracks, even though the tracks 13 through 68 are devoid of any sound.

And just like the lyrics, the music is also quite gruff. Occasionally they use samples from movies, like for instance the notorious pussy scene from From Dusk Till Dawn on the opener. This is followed by crushing guitars emulating a sound between hard rock and Southern, a little bit like Nashville Pussy or a more evil acting ZZ Top. Some female groans within the tracks help to enhance the desired atmosphere. There are also some punk elements that allow comparisons to early Suicidal Tendencies. The voice of vocalist Dr Perv is quite distinctive, not unlike Rob Zombie’s. Some tracks manage to set themselves apart and deserve to be singled out. The album’s masterpiece is Come Taste The Love Of God, an eight minute monster which is dragging itself in a fiercely dark and dirty way to the finishing line and could as well have been a Motörhead ballad. This is followed by Holocaust über alles, a surprisingly brutal track that should appeal to all thrash metal fans.

With a little bit of tolerance, and not taking the band too seriously, Pervert Asshole are quite an entertaining band. The PC faction and feminists will foam at the mouth with song titles like I Cum Whiskey, Born To Porn and My Dog’s Pussy, but I actually think this is quite funny. Just don’t start thinking too much about this and enjoy!

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