Peter Coretto / Verstärker - Bandentreffen

5 / 5 songs
19:42 / 26:48 minutes
***** ****

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Peter Coretto and Verstärker are two artists from Munich who decided to release a split-record. Bandentreffen is a vinyl split-record which allows each artist to have their own side. As there are nowadays many people who don’t have record players anymore, the album comes with a CD that contains the same songs.

Peter Coretto is a five-piece playing guitar driven trash pop with a strong emotional factor. The guitars are noisy, and singer Marco Engelhard likes to sing and scream in a rather angry way, but he’s far away from screamo hardcore brutality. Keyboards give the song further pop appeal which works especially well on Alles jubelt Dir zu and Waffen für Nimmerland. This shouldn’t mean that the other three tracks aren’t appealing. Peter Coretto are a highlight in the German indie rock scene, and fans of But Alive and the likes should check them out.

The Verstärker side is completely different. While Peter Coretto prefer the emotional side of music, Verstärker like to create music inside their heads instead their guts. Their first song Naurog is a strange mix of progressive rock with weird and noisy computer effects, showing a few parallels to Motorpsycho. The suite Mogwai Downer Syndrom consists of four tracks and distinguish itself radically from their other song. It’s an instrumental track with many different parts, heading from psychedelic rock to melancholic moments and back to calmer soundscapes, making this an enormous trip into space driven rock. Verstärker are playing music quite different from established concepts.

Peter Coretto and Verstärker have different attitudes towards making music, but both artists know exactly what they want and how to achieve it, making Bandentreffen a truly recommended experience which will bring these two bands closer to you.

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