PHARAOH - Bury The Light

Pharaoh - Bury The Light

10 songs
49:33 minutes
***** ***
Cruz Del Sur


A good half year after their EP Ten Years, Philadelphia based metal band Pharaoh is back with their fourth longplayer Bury The Light. One thing’s for sure: you won’t find many bands that have still the same line-up and are signed to the same label as when they released their first album in 2003. True to the motto of “never change a winning team”, Pharaoh once again delight with their special brand of old school US power metal tinged with some well placed NWOBHM touches.

Bury The Light starts with three of the band’s strongest track to date. The opener Leave Me Here To Dream offers straightaway the trademark guitar harmonies, and it is surely not necessary anymore to lose any words about the vocal strength of Tim Aymar, formerly of Control Denied. The following The Wolves is another up-tempo power metal hymn that shows the band from their brightest side. The same goes for Castles In The Sky which has more of an epic feeling and a breathtaking vocal performance which becomes most obvious during the acrobatic chorus.

From here on, we get more quality material, although I am fonder of the band’s more regular material than of their longer tracks The Year Of The Blizzard (8 minutes) and Graveyard Of Empires (7 minutes) which probably would have taken more of my time to unfold all their delicate intricacies. Be that as it may, Pharaoh have proved themselves one more time to be one of the best and possibly most overlooked power metal bands acting in the metal circus today. Fans of Virgin Steele, Manowar, Vicious Rumours, Metal Church,… and Iron Maiden will definitely get their money’s worth out of this fifty minute long metal revelation.

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