PHARAOH - Ten Years

Pharaoh - Ten Years

6 songs
25:59 minutes
***** ****
Cruz Del Sur


Three years after their third longplayer Be Gone, it’s time for another sign of life from the American power metal quartet Pharaoh. After such a long time span, one could have expected more than a mere EP containing four songs from the sessions of their last album plus two cover versions. Considering that last year they also only contributed one song to a tribute to Coroner single, one gets the impression that Pharaoh is not the busiest band. They may be excused as they are not full time musicians, and furthermore the musicians all live in different states.

The title track Ten Years instantly mirrors the typical Pharaoh sound that will enchant the nostalgic metal fan. The band is helping itself to some good portions of NWOBHM without neglecting the good, old typical US power metal. Three of the tracks come at a rather brisk pace, but also the longer hymn Nothing I Can Say succeeds with its tempo changes. The band convinces thoroughly, with the guitars perfectly in tune, the solid rhythm section and the charismatic vocals by ex-Control Denied singer Tim Aymar. The two cover versions might divide opinions. I prefer their take on New Model Army’s White Light. This band has already been covered by metal bands in the past (Anacrusis’ I Love The World and Sepultura’s The Hunt), and Tim Aymar does a great vocal job here. The songwriting is different enough to notice that this is not an own composition. Metal purists will have a better time with their rendition of Slayer’s Tormentor which comes across as a typical Pharaoh.

The fourth longplayer is expected to come out in 2012. Ten Years is a good way to bridge the time, considering that all six tracks have been previously unreleased. If you like good, old and especially timeless metal, there is no way around this great American power metal band. Fans of Slough Feg, Vicious Rumors and Trouble are at the right address.

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