Phideaux - 313

13 songs
48:17 minutes
***** ****

The mysterious Phideaux is back again with an all new album, this time something more straightforward than this two preceding albums. And as always, there is also a little history. 313 was apparently written and conceived (although hardly recorded) on March 13, 2004. For having been completed at such a short interval, there are quite a few really catchy songs on the album, and this more direct approach probably also explains why there are this time more and shorter songs than in the past.

Phideaux wouldn't be Phideaux if there wasn't an inherent playfulness in nearly every song. Have You Hugged Your Robot adds the classical Peer Gynt theme by Edvard Grieg. Never Gonna Go is spoiling us with proggish mellotron sounds. Watching Machine has crazy keyboards and a Beach Boys attitude. Run Singing Tiger has this typical West Coast sound, like a contemporary Jefferson Airplane. Only the middle of the album comes with more melancholic material that is not so immediately accessible, but then after a couple of sessions you will also start loving the ecological ballad Orangutan and the trippy space rocking Sick Of Me with vocoder and electric sitar. Now I only mentioned a couple of the tracks here, but they alone show already how many different moods Phideaux checked out on that fateful day in 2004.

I can't but give it again 9 points. Phideaux's albums are all equally great, even if not one sounds like any other. If you have to start somewhere, just start by buying them all!

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