PHINIUS GAGE - Brighton Rock

Phinius Gage - Brighton Rock

12 songs
35:55 minutes
***** ***
Fond Of Life / Winged Skull


Phinius Gage took their name from a 1900's railway worker who lived with a personality disorder after an accident blew a hole in his head (ok, I copied that bit from the band's homepage), and they come from... Brighton! Not that you have to be very bright to guess this after reading the album title. Brighton Rock is not a regular album, but a special release to introduce Continental Europe to their fast and melodic punk rock music.

Most of the tracks are rerecorded versions from the band's sold-out debut EP, then there are a few new songs and a weird glitchy remix (whose merits can be debated, but I like the track) to end the album. The songs have been recorded during two sessions, and that's something the band should have considered not doing. The first seven tracks that were recorded earlier this year and exhibit a brilliant take on melodic punk rock that combines effortlessly American happy-go-lucky West Coast sounds with snotty British punk influences. These twenty minutes are great and deserve nine fat points.

The four following tracks unfortunately can't maintain that sense of dynamics. The songs are still straightforward rocking punk anthems, but I am certain they would have stood in a better light, had there not been the previous seven tracks. Recorded last year, this gives hope that Phinius Gage are improving every year.

Brighton Rock is all in all an ideal introduction to this still relatively unknown band from England. Melodic street punks will revel in the sonic assaults from this four-piece.

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