PICTURES OF PAIN - The Reckoning

Pictures Of Pain - The Reckoning

10 songs
67:02 minutes
***** ****
Pitch Black


Pictures Of Pain from Norway have been around since 2004, but it took them until now to release their first longplayer The Reckoning produced by the able hands of King Diamond member Andy LaRocque. The album features eight new tracks and two newly recorded songs from earlier demos.

The band can be more than just satisfied with the result. Although sometimes dismissed as merely a melodic death metal band, there is much more at work here. Different styles are merged within songs in such a genial way that you might call it progressive metal. Although Pictures Of Pain’s music contains such a wide array of elements, the transitions are always working smoothly. Death, black, thrash, speed and power metal are the main ingredients, but occasionally you might discover traces of metalcore and doom. This huge amount of ideas might explain why the tracks are all between six and eight minutes long, but don’t worry, they never suffer from exaggerated length. On the contrary, the material is extremely dynamic and powerful, betraying the band’s long years of existence before this official debut. I especially want to point of the amazing performance by vocalist Hans Helge Iversen that doesn’t need to hide behind Nevermore’s Warrel Dane. Pictures Of Pain’s fresh attitude and unending stream of ideas reminds me of Scar Symmetry, a band the Norwegians have opened for already in the past.

Maybe this album might be confusing for the more traditionally oriented metalhead, but I was delighted by the sheer unpredictability. Let’s hope that Pictures Of Pain will find enough fans to encourage them to pursue their very promising career!

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