Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer

20 songs
32:19 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


I remember Pig Destroyer's preceding album Prowler In The Dark as an ok but not really outstanding grind core album, so I wasn't exactly looking forward to their new album Terrifyer. My first reaction was still nothing spectacular, so the CD landed deep in a box because I didn't feel motivated to give this album a priority review. And now, while doing some boring household chores, with enough time to concentrate on the music, I feel totally overwhelmed by the musical prowess you find on this short and fierce album.

Sure, 20 songs in half an hour sounds like a lot of noise and chaos, but things are much different. Pig Destroyer are blindingly fast and don't even need two minutes to express themselves where other bands wouldn't even come across with double that playing time. Yes, the music is basically simple. It's guitar, bass, drums and mad dog vocals. But the crystal clear production emphasises the varied songwriting that only seems to borrow the speed from the grind genre, but adds nasty metal chords, a ferocious punk spirit and the modern progressive allures of math rock. I guess you can still call it grind core, but it doesn't really have much in common with the scene's dominant bands like Nasum and Regurgitate.

Terrifyer is not only an entertaining piece of brutal noise music, but American extreme music hasn't sound so vital since the demise of Brutal Truth. And if you thought that the rural state of Virginia could only produce reactionary country and western music will learn with a really punishing lesson that kids in that state can be really angry. Fans of extreme music will be delighted by this energetic album, that also comes as a double-disc set with a bonus audio DVD featuring a nearly 40 minutes long experimental track in dolby digital sound quality, although it never even comes close to the impressive quality of the regular disc.

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