PILGRIMZ - Boar Riders

Pilgrimz - Boar Riders

11 songs
49:08 minutes
I Scream


I loved the funny cover artwork at once, and expected dirty rock’n’roll from this Danish band. Rock’n’roll is definitely one component of their song, but their aggressive sound is predominantly marked by melodic death metal and brutal metalcore. Producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, HateSphere) and engineer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Heaven Shall Burn) are a guarantee for perfect sound.

Despite the fat production, I somehow can’t get fully into Pilgrimz’ sound. Maybe it’s the superficial songwriting, although worse are the recurring patterns that made me wonder after the fifth track if the band had already run low on ideas. They sound down and dirty, emphasise a fast pace and crunchy guitar riffs, and even add a little chaos. Their music displays a certain nervous energy which bothers me after some time. Even the more moderate parts, as on the longer Prima Donnie, are not enough to make up for the band’s deficits. Next time, Pilgrimz need to improve strongly their songwriting.

In their native Denmark, some journalists call Pilgrims proudly the Metal Hives. But first of all, the Hives are not so hip anymore, and second Boar Riders is far from being a classic like Ven, Vidi, Vicious. The Pilgrimz try to make something new, and they succeed a little, but the final result leaves you eventually wanting for more.

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