PILLOW FIGHT CLUB - About Face And Other Constants

Pillow Fight Club - About Face And Other Constants

11 songs
38:34 minutes


Inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s classic Fight Club, but not willing to stand for so much violence, it was only logical that these young Germans prefixed their band name with the word Pillow. The beloved novel and movie have impressed most of a generation, but once you strip this of one of its major components: violence, we are left with something not that hard hitting anymore. The two boys and two girls must also have a strong fondness for indie pop, a genre they profess with a steadfast minimalism. The music is dominated by the female vocals that most of the time opt for a na´ve approach. The guitar which at times leaves a slightly out-of-tune impression helps to underline the band’s attempt to aim for an infantile charm.

Maybe they are on to something really groundbreaking here, but I have to confess that I don’t get it. The first two songs are already enough to bring me down. The opener Mirror Star is just a short and simple minimalist indie rock song with some garage elements, but the following Not Interesting taught me the meaning of disillusion. This is supposed to be a funny song, but with school learned English lines like “fuck like a duck”, I was really doubting for a moment the lyricist’s sanity. Fortunately things improve, but even when the band comes up with a really great chorus, the good effort is soon after demolished by their heading back into childishness.

It’s a bit of a shame, because these guys definitely have talent and know how to write memorable songs. If they only decided to grow up and leave their carefree teenage years behind, they might come up with a really enjoyable indie pop rock album.

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