PIT OF DOOM - Atonement

Pit Of Doom - Atonement

10 songs
41:55 minutes
***** **
Finest Noise


Listening to the second album by Pit Of Doom, it is hard to conceive that they started as a punk rock band twelve years ago. After a first demo in 2003, they decided to continue in a much heavier vein. Another demo followed in 2005, before the first longplayer came out in 2008. It took the band another five years to get the second album ready.

Pit Of Doom have always been a trio, even though there have been quite a few line-up changes. It is also rather unusual, if not unheard of, that the drummer is also the band’s vocalist. Pit Of Doom combine on Atonement death metal with hardcore and are no strangers to occasional groovy and melodic parts. After the mandatory intro, without which many metal albums can’t seem to exist, the first regular track Raise Your Weapons shows immediately that we are dealing with three angry dudes. The music sounds rough most of the time, and the raw vocals fit perfectly. Now and then we get some quieter parts that are underlain with much cleaner vocals. One of the album’s highlights is the six minute plus track A Common Nightmare where the band is displaying all of their virtues. A little more unusual is the following instrumental Ray Of Hope, which not only has a more positive title, but which also comes in a very relaxed mood. I wouldn’t have expected acoustic guitars and a string arrangements after the first half of the album. But the remaining material offers more of the band’s typical sound, meaning quite vicious sounding music with your occasional groovy and melodic breaks.

Atonement is a good album for its chosen genre, and the production keeps up with the overall good impression. The album’s length is also ideal, considering that Pit Of Doom have a rather typical sound and don’t seem to care too much for an original note. If you feel in the mood for a short and hefty outburst, you might want to give Pit Of Doom some moments of your time.

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